Womens Hair Colour Trends 2019

With Fall around the corner, everyone wants to spice up their look and we’ve got the top women’s hair colour trends of 2019 all conveniently listed for you fashionistas. We’ve been scoping the runways for what’s up and coming and after looking to our fashion-peers in Paris, NYC, Japan, and S.Korea we’ve got the top 7 big colour trends for women. 

First up is the timeless balayage. Perfect for the low-maintenance babe, balayage is a french term meaning “to sweep” which is one of the reasons why the result is a seamless blend as it grows out. Although we often see this technique used when highlighting, you don’t always need to stick to a natural look. Imagine bright lilacs perfectly blending into rich plums, or deep auburn fading into punchy red hues. The possibilities are endless and easily customized for whatever your hair dreams are. 


Next up on our 2019 Hair colour trends is vibrancy! No one is shying away from colour this year, and we love it! fierce fuschias, crisp coppers, bright blues–the idea is to get noticed! Luckily our Elumen colour line is coming out with some top-secret new colours that will be perfect to test out all these vibrant hues without the commitment. Stay tuned for more details on the new Elumen Play in September!

haircuts for women

On the topic of getting noticed, we are seeing more experimentation with neons! Traffic-stopping pinks and oranges mingling with zesty greens and yellows are super trendy at the moment. Neon tones on blondes add a sense of a holographic iridescence that is seriously stunning, and the edgy contrast on brunettes is to die for. 

womens hair peekaboo

Not only is this a great colour trend for women, but we’re seeing a lot of men try out the neon colours as well (which is giving us some serious Frank Ocean vibes)


womens hair colorIf all these bright colour trends are giving you a little bit of commitment anxiety, don’t worry because the peekaboo is making a huge come-back. It’s the perfect technique to add a splash of interest to your current colour. We’ve seen everything from placement strictly tucked around the nape of the neck for a flash of colour when the hair is tied up, to right in the front to frame the face. You can try out some of the vibrant and neon colour trends with this technique, or add some hair “contouring” or “highlighting” with different tones from your base colour. 

Speaking of experimenting with tones, we love spicing up our brunette babes with tone-on-tone contrast. Imagine a beautiful rich brown with juicy glimmers of deep red-brown and subtle kisses of mauve-brown. Or a cool mushroom brown base with the striking contrast of a warmer golden brown. This is seriously such an easy way to add subtle interest and shine to our brunettes.


Now, let’s talk about the blondes–classic, timeless and there’s a million different ways to spin the same coin. Iced-out tresses are still front and center for the fashion-forward femme, but interestingly enough, with the huge natural beauty trend that’s been surfacing we are noticing a lot more sunkissed golden bombshells leaving the salon.  Beachy waves and an ocean of golden hues are perfect for the natural blonde. 


So ladies, that’s our round-up of women’s hair colour trends for 2019. Be sure to book an appointment or a consultation with us to test the waters on some of these runway-inspired looks!

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