Element Hair Loves Nails

Element’s nail salon services include Manicure, Pedicure, Nail Art and Gel Nails…

element hair loves nails

starting at just $25!

So, you think Element Hair is all about hair? Not a chance, we do it all, and one of our favourite services is nails! We can even do your nails while you’re having your hair done. Manicure or pedicure, we have you covered. 


European and Spa Manicures and Pedicures

Our European manicure and pedicure is your standard service including filing, cuticle work, polish application and a relaxing hand and arm massage. Need something a little extra? Try our Spa manicure or pedicure which includes the same service as a European, but with an added exfoliation and paraffin booties and/or mitts to leave your hands and feet extra soft and nourished.

CND Products and Nail Services

At Element Hair, we use CND nail products for all of our nail services. CND is the company that pioneered and introduced Shellac to the world and is continuously creating innovative, groundbreaking products for all our nail needs. One thing to note, always be wary of false advertising. We see time and time again salon’s claiming to use Shellac gel when they, in fact, are not. One of our favourite CND products is Vinylux, a seven-day polish that has amazing hold, durability, and dries in eight minutes. Formulated with a built-in base coat, Vinylux polish allows for faster application and drying time. Interested in bringing a bottle home? Vinylux is sold at Element Hair, along with other CND products including moisturizing scrubs, hand creams, cuticle removers and the incredible Solar Oil cuticle oil. Please note that CND polishes do NOT contain TPHP (triphenyl phosphate).

Gel Nails

Gel nails can be used as either an overlay on your natural nail to help it grow or with butterfly forms that extend the nail to the length you desire. Regular fills will grow with the natural nail to give length and to protect it. Gel nails are great for those with weak or thin nails. Included in a gel application is a full manicure with a hand and arm massage. Again, please be careful with gel applications – it is shocking how many places use acrylic on nails and tell their clients it is gel. Gel looks exactly like it sounds, like a gel; acrylic is a powder and liquid combination. If your nail technician is using this combination and you asked for gel, you may want to look elsewhere for your nail services. Acrylic is a cheaper product and we see this all too often in the salon industry.

Nail Art

One of our favourite services involving nails is nail art. Nail art fabulous way to jazz up your manicure and show off your character and personal style. Our nail technicians love trying new things and have a ton of nail art on display in the salon for you to browse for inspiration. Whether it’s a birthday party, Christmas, a wedding or just for fun; nail art is a unique way to amp up your manicure and have something totally original to show off.

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Whatever your needs may be, the aestheticians at Element hair will be more than happy to help you. Maybe you’re just not a polish girl and like a clean, natural nail. Sit back and enjoy the therapeutic effects of a hand and arm massage and let us take you away from the chaos of the daily grind for a few minutes. We love to leave our clients relaxed and rejuvenated and this is a great way to do it.

Make sure you check out our website or come into the salon to check out our nail promos and see what’s new and fantastic in the world of nails!