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Short Hair Styles For Men

short hair styles for men
We’re always looking for the newest boundary-pushing trends. Our male clients have really stepped up their game, and we’re noticing a lot more men coming to us for a new fashion-forward look. So here’s a few Short Hair Styles For Men that are on the top of our radar. Let’s start with what we think [...]

Element Hair 25th Anniversary!

Can you believe Lance and Kim have been in business together for 25 years!? It’s truly incredible how fast time flies. From their early beginnings at their first salon in Kitchener’s East-end, to their bustling 5 year-old storefront at the Boardwalk in Waterloo, these two are a duo to recognize. Together they’ve built an empire [...]

5 Popular Hair Colour Styles For Men

Hair colouring for men. Waterloo. Element Hair
Hair colour for men is one of the simplest ways to change your look instantly. At Element Hair, we’ve been seeing an emerging trend in Men’s Colour, specifically targeting services to suit whatever look you’ve always wanted to try out! We offer a multitude of different services in order to help you create your desired [...]