Catalyst137 Photo Shoot

Catalyst137 photo shoot

The Element family loves to be creative. This time it took us to Catalyst137!

We are always taking every opportunity to learn, practice and advance in our craft. One of our favorite ways to do this is by doing a photo shoot every season. And we love using our clients as the models. We have done their colour, cut, hair style and make-up. Would you believe that none of these clients are professional models? This is a fun and great opportunity for them to spend the day with us and have a little fun.

Model/Stylist/Colour Technique & Style: (left to right)

Catalyst137 photo shoot
Element Hair’s photo shoot at Catalyst137
  • Megan Weir – to achieve this look Daniela started with a full bleach, added in a shadow root and toned the blonde to a silvery hue.
  • Steph Blackwell – Kristie created a purple-mix balayage and finished with a half-up style.
  • Jeffery New & Petar Grujic – a fresh cut and style were done on these two gentleman by Lance
  • Karlie Blackwell – Alana created a dark violet root and lightened the ends and then used purple elumen all over for a vibrant finish and styled it with a pull-through braid/updo.
  • Kim Mitchell – to achieve this look Kim used several different shades to create this gorgeous trio of reds

Hair & Make-up: Lance Nielsen, Kim Nielsen, Kristie Le Beau, Daniela Denys and Alana Griffin

Photography: Our very own Kim Nielsen, Co-owner and Director of Element Hair

Clothing: Thank you to Merialux,, for lending us a few of their favorite garments for our shoot. The rest of the clothes are borrowed and shared from our models and team.

Element Hair 2018 Readers Choice Awards Nominee
Did you know? We’ve been nominated in 3 categories: Best Hair Salon, Best Mani/Pedi and Best Hairstylist for Kim.


Location: We had the great pleasure of being able to do our most recent photo shoot in the new Catalyst137 building. There were so many great spaces including living walls, geometric designs, and bright colours. Have you heard of IoT? No, this isn’t a spelling mistake, it stands for: Internet of Things. Its basically connecting anything with an on/off switch to the internet, and/or to each other. When I say anything, I mean anything: your coffee maker, washer and dryer, lights, headphones and of course your phone. If you haven’t heard of the Catalyst building, it will be the largest IoT innovation center in the world once it is complete. But it will be more than just a building. It will be a community of makers; the services needed to make these makers successful on a global scale; a showcase for smart building and smart city technology; a sandbox for hardware ingenuity; and the programming to help IoT start-ups become scale-ups.


Catalyst137 logoThe World’s Largest IoT Manufacturing Space

Catalyst137 will serve local makers innovating in the IoT space. It will be the home to everything needed to accelerate time-to-market including a testing facility, commercialization services, and a hackable streetscape.


A 475,000 sq ft space purpose-built for makers. The building will be the concentration point for the talent, hardware engineering services and venture capital support to build the next generation of IoT companies.

Catalyst137 will offer area businesses options to join a community of start-up peers and will also lease office spaces ranging from 3,000 to 50,000 square feet. There is a plan to expand the building from 475,000 to 550,000 square feet.

Continuing a revitalization effort that has transformed many legacy structures in the area, Catalyst137 plans to call the 475,000 sq ft warehouse at 137 Glasgow Street home. Situated 3 kms southeast of the University of Waterloo and about 1km west of Google’s new Kitchener headquarters, the location sits at the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle.

Catalyst137 will be home to an array of tenants providing everything needed to accelerate time-to-market including: a makerspace, a testing facility and commercialization services. It will also feature a hackable streetscape that will act as both a showcase of the Waterloo region’s technical ingenuity, and a sandbox for its talent pool.