Element Hair at the VIP Goldwell Event

The hair industry is always changing — whether it is the newest hair trend, colour or accessory. Hair stylists rely on continuous education to ensure they are giving their clients the expert hairstyles they desire. At Element Hair, we pride ourselves on constantly updating our tools and techniques to better serve our clients, and creating trendy cuts and colours along the way!

At the end of March, Goldwell held a VIP event launching its newest products and latest Color Zoom campaign. A select few were invited to join, and Element Hair was honoured to be in attendance.

The event included presentations and demonstrations by renowned hair stylists Edwin Johnston, Claude Comeau and Joan Novak. The Element Hair team felt very privileged to meet internationally known stylist Edwin Johnston, KMS California Art Director, and were thrilled to have the opportunity to watch him cut hair on stage – he is one of our hair industry heroes and an incredibly talented stylist.

Additionally, the event featured presentations and demonstrations of the new Goldwell line which includes newly formulated products to maintain healthy colour, boost volume, create supple texture, and smooth intense frizz.

After an exclusive viewing of the new Goldwell collection, we were joined by other salons and hair professionals for an exciting presentation on this year’s Color Zoom collection which will reveal unexpected colour combinations, surprising textures, and thrilling marketing.

Read on to learn more about these exciting new products and collections!

The new Goldwell collection was created with one goal in mind – to help clients fall in love with their hair again. Goldwell’s newest collection features exclusive technologies that help products to actively interact with the hair’s structure and create the change that the client wants to see.

Each product is completely customizable based on each client’s individual needs, giving stylists the control to create the gorgeous hair their client wants.

The collection includes:

Kerasilk Keratin Treatment Service – A completely customizable keratin treatment for clients with unmanageable hair that crave smooth, frizz-free, lustrous hair. Clients can now take back control of their style and wear their hair with confidence.element hair at the vip goldwell event new goldwell collection

Kerasilk Reconstruct Service – This collection helps to regenerate client’s severely stressed or damaged hair into soft, supple and healthy looking hair. These products are loaded with keratin and Hyaloveil, an advanced hyaluronic acid that retains moisture in the hair for longer than traditional hyaluronic acid treatments.

Kerasilk Repower Volume and Anti-Hairloss – Both of these products were developed to help clients with fine, limp or thinning hair to pump up the volume and maintain hair growth. Kerasilk Repower Volume invigorates hair with keratin and elastin to amplify body and inspire volume into limp hair. Kerasilk Repower Anti-Hairloss strengthens weak, thinning hair using Procapil and t-Flavanone to prevent hair loss and increase hair density.

Kerasilk Color Beautifying Service – A service created to help client’s keep the color they love for longer. Keratin and Tamanu oil prevent dullness and instill a luxurious shine throughout hair to make client’s colour dynamic and sparkling.

element hair at the vip goldwell color zoom 2016 disrupt

Known as the haute couture of hairstyling, Goldwell’s Color Zoom competition is among one of the most highly regarded hairstyling competitions in the industry. Every year, the Color Zoom Master Team and the global winners of the previous year create a new theme for the Color Zoom competition. This theme dictates everything from marketing to hairstyling inspiration.

For 2016, Goldwell’s Color Zoom will be focused around the theme “D!SRUPT”. Disrupt is about encouraging hair stylists to challenge convention and play with hair like never before. At its core, hair styling is an art and this year’s Color Zoom is bringing that artistry to the forefront of the industry with original, daring and awe-inspiring styles, colours and textures.

Thank you to Goldwell Canada for inviting Element Hair to this fantastic event. We appreciate the opportunity to peek into future trends in hair styling and look forward to applying our new found knowledge to our client’s hairstyles. Contact Element Hair today for your next hairstyle transformation — we’d be happy to help!

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