Finding the Perfect Prom Hairstyle at Element Hair

At Element Hair, we take great pride in creating unique and intricate hairdos to suit our client’s personal style and we are so excited that one of our favourite “hair holidays” is right around the corner – prom!

Prom is a favourite at Element Hair because we love to create exceedingly beautiful hairstyles for our clients – whether that is a creative updo inspired by spring flowers or voluptuous curls reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. But with all of the possibilities for gorgeous prom hairstyles it can be difficult to pick the perfect look for your special day.

But don’t worry – Element Hair is here to help. Read our helpful tips below and browse our gorgeous hairstyles for inspiration!


1. Your Dress. Something to keep in mind when choosing your prom hairstyle is the style of your dress. Is it a higher neckline? Maybe an updo would help show off this detail. How much detail is around the shoulders or neck? Long hair may get snarled and stuck on details like beading and sequins. Put your dress on and play with your hair in front of the mirror to get a better idea of what different hairstyles look like with your prom gown.

2. Your Style. Are you drawn to flower crowns or pin-up style curls? Do you prefer a laid-back look or are you more comfortable with some structure? Are you really feeling braids or is a glam ponytail more your style? Do you like hair accessories or do you prefer a less glitzy style? Spend some time thinking about how you want your personal style reflected in your hairstyle.

3. Your Hair. Is your hair curly and unmanageable or limp and flat? Does your hair hold a curl or stay straight in the heat? Element Hair believes that no matter what hair type you have, there is a way to make your dream hairstyle a reality but remember that depending on your hair type the hairstyle you choose may look a little different. But that’s okay – it’s your own unique style!

4. Talk to a stylist. Picking your hairstyle should be fun, not stressful. If you are feeling overwhelmed, contact us and talk to a stylist. We will be able to offer you professional advice and ease your mind so you can focus on enjoying your prom!


Leaning towards an updo for prom? Explore some of these gorgeous hairstyles to keep your hair off of your shoulders and perfect for prom.


Want to leave your hair down for prom? Check out some of these stunning formal hairstyles that will help you show off your glamorous style.

Check out our perfect prom packages below to find the right one for you or book your hair appointment for prom today! We can’t wait to give you the gorgeous hair of your dreams.