Happy 22nd Anniversary Element Hair!

Element Hair 22nd Anniversary serving Kitchener and Waterloo

It’s been 22 years in business for Element Hair! Where has the time gone?

Lance and Kim started in May 1994 in a humble small 600 square foot location in Kitchener. Lance did a lot of the work building the interior to create an updated space and modern feel at that time. Kim was 5 months pregnant with their son Quade.

“This was an opportunity for us to start up on our own. We were fortunate that our clients traveled to this location given our roots in Waterloo.”

Five years later, they moved to an opportunity in Uptown Waterloo and where much of the work building this location was done by Lance, Kim and others putting the unique finishing touches in place. Here they grew business for 15 years despite it’s challenging location. Unfortunately, visibility and walk-in traffic was nearly nonexistent but Kim and Lance, using referrals and technology, made the location work.

But things were starting to look up as Kim and Lance began working with Canadian labs to develop their own product line using as many natural ingredients as possible. Even a new Organic Shampoo and Conditioner had been launched!

Approximately 8 years ago, Lance and Kim were invited to join the new development now called The Boardwalk in Waterloo. At that time, the west side of Waterloo was farmland and the developing area and formal projections were not what they have become now.

“We saw the potential and made the move. Much more is happening than originally anticipated and we have more development at The Boardwalk, as well as Costco, coming to the west side this fall. On the plate is also the new Vista Hills development by local Activa, which is all quite exciting.”

Today, Element has a team of 11. Education for the team is at the forefront working with educators at Element’s Global partner in learning, Goldwell, KMS and Arrojo New York City.

“We have had the opportunity to share in many great ideas and techniques as well as create new friendships and avenues for continued learning. Having international and local talent share their skills at our location has been an honor. We continue to plan and book educational opportunities to this day for 2016.”

Element is very pleased to be serving so many very happy guests at The Boardwalk and continues to look at new ways to make the Element experience the best!

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Lance and Kim Nielsen, owners and directors of Element Hair salon in Waterloo