HOTHEADS Real Hair Extensions

Element Hair introduces HOTHEADS real hair extensions…

HOTHEADS hair extensions at Element HairHOTHEADS hair extensions are REAL Indian Remy hair. HOTHEADS hair extensions are hand made and top quality. The individual hairs are counted ensuring that all the cuticles are running in the same direction, as they would on your own natural hair. By having the cuticles in all the same direction, this allows the hair to look and feel more natural, and also prevent the hair from tangling.

HotHeads real hair extensions before and after Element HairThe tabs are hypoallergenic (no latex/no silicone) and are designed to reduce any excess stress or strain on the natural hair. The hair is also stress free on the fragile hair of people going through chemotherapy.

No heat is used to apply these extensions unlike some other kinds that can cause damage to the natural hair.

The best thing about HOTHEADS extensions is their ability to look and feel so natural. The hair can be washed, blow dried, straightened, curled, etc. because it is 100% human hair.


How long do they last?

Your extensions will last you 8-10 weeks depending on regrowth. After several weeks we recommended you visit us to get your extensions lifted (removed and reapplied closer to the scalp) to avoid matting frizzing, and to keep them hidden. Each package can be reapplied up to 3 times, leaving you with 6-8 months of use until you need to buy new hair.


How do I remove them?

If you need to remove your extensions for any reason it is as simple as booking an appointment with one of our HOTHEADS registered stylists. They will be able to quickly and gently remove your extensions for you using our HOTHEADS formulated solution. The hair at this point can be stored until you are ready to reapply them.

Studio Special:

Full head of Hot Heads hair extensions – receive a complimentary haircut and your 2 week wash and set!

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