Balayage or Ombre Hair for Summer

Balayage or Ombre continues to be a hair trend and we love it!

Balayage hair for Summer 2018

Everything you need to know about balayage and ombre hair for Summer. The trend the A-list are still loving. The hand-painted highlights will make you re-think everything you thought you knew about hair colour.

The Balayage is a subtle way to highlight the hair so that it looks naturally sun-kissed.  This way the hair colour creates a completely natural glow to the hair – as if you have been in the sun all summer!

The technique involves only lightening the surface of the hair to create the illusion of light and shadow. By highlighting the hair in panels, it creates emphasis based on how the sun would naturally hit your hair – your hair can now look sun-kissed all year long!

Ombres are all about contrast. The hair is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft while the ends are lighter and brighter.

The ombre look can be either warm or cool toned, ranging from a rich chocolaty brown blending into a soft caramel or a funky grape violet shifting into lavender-lilac. This look is great for clients who are looking for a low maintenance hair colour, or for clients who want to lighten up their look without the commitment of traditional highlights.

Whether you want your highlights to be subtle or strong, balayage — meaning “to sweep or paint” in French — is the Summer hair colour that is both fab and fun!

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