Perm for Mens Hair

The “Merm” is the hot new hair style for men.

It’s the perm for mens hair! We’ve seen a boom in men’s perms (merms we call them) through social media recently; especially on TikTok, where all the ‘cool guys’ are getting one!

Men have been enhancing their look with different haircuts and opting for hair colouring, like highlights and lowlights, but now, this re-texturizing service is becoming an ever popular option to change up their look. But the perms men are getting now, look nothing like the tight coiled, all over perms from the 80’s or the long ringlets from the early 2000’s. Men are keeping the sides and back short and going for a more subtle approach.

From soft movement to a slight wave to tousled curls, adding texture and waves makes the hair more manageable, while still adding body and style. Straight hair can take a lot more effort when styling for a textured or messy finish, and quite frankly, ain’t nobody got time for that! When paired with the correct product for your hair type, Merms allow our clients to get the perfect style with some simple twirling.

Texture is king, and makes the simplest cut look like a million bucks!

So, how long does your hair have to be for this service? In order to create a ‘curl’, your hair needs to be long enough to wrap around our perm rod at least three times. So, if your hair can cover your eyebrows, you can have curly hair.

Stylish men don’t have to have straight hair any more!!!

Spread the word and get your #merm today!

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