BondPro Treatment Goldwell


bondpro treatment goldwell

More than just an upgrade, Goldwell’s BondPro treatment system is designed with and for Goldwell colour services and perms. This treatment prevents damage from hair lightening, alkaline colouring, and re-texturizing services (perms), and adds moisture for healthier, shinier hair that is strong and replenished. It works in cooperation with Goldwell products for ultimate protection.

BondPro+ Inter-Amino-Bonding-System is a 2 Step process. Your Stylist will mix the BondPro Protection Serum in with the colour/lightener/re-texturizing solution to protect your hair during those services, then will apply the BondPro Nourishing Fortifier as a conditioning treatment after. *BondPro+ can also be done as a stand alone service. 


  • BondPro Protection Serum penetrates and strengthens the hair fiber from within, thus preventing breakage.
  • BondPro Nourishing Fortifier reinforces and supports the bonds in your hair, leaving it looking and feeling significantly healthier, revitalized, and deeply nourished.
  • BondPro is also a great addition to your perm service to help keep your hair healthy.
  • Because BondPro leaves your hair healthier and deeply nourished it can also extend the lifetime of your colour. The healthier your hair is – the longer your colour will last!


  • Both are amazing. While Olaplex is the original bond rebuilder that everyone knows about, BondPro is just as good. 
  • There is a difference in price. BondPro actually works out to be cheaper for our clients. You’ll see a savings of $10 for both the stand alone services and with a colour/lightening/texturizing service. 
  • While BondPro doesn’t have any take home treatments yet, we recommend using Goldwell Dualsenses or Kerasilk products that are customized to your individual hair needs. Our stylists can recommend the best products, based on your hair, for the ideal home hair care system. 


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