Perfect Hair for the Long Weekend

From relaxing on the lake to spending time with family and friends, there is nothing that says cottage season like a long weekend. At Element Hair, we understand that effortless and stylish can be a hard combination to find, especially when it comes to your hair. But don’t worry, you can go ahead and enjoy the sun; we’ve created a list of products that can make taking care of and styling your hair at the cottage simple and fun.

So go ahead, get some much-needed R & R. We can take care of your hair!

Beach and cottage hair secret, sexy sea spray from Element Hair


There is nothing that says you’ve spent the day on the beach like soft, sexy, beachy waves, and thanks to our Sexy Sea Salt Spray this perfect cottage hairstyle is simple to achieve. With sea salt and seaweed extract, our Sexy Sea Salt Spray offers a matte texture with light volume for tousled, beachy waves.

Simply spritz on damp hair, scrunch and air dry for an effortless, laidback look, or use a diffuser for more volume.

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Packing can be a hassle which is why packing products with double purposes can make it much simpler! Our Argan Oil Hair and Body Wash is sulfate free and drenched in argan oil, shea butter, keratin protein, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to restore moisture balance to hair and skin. Additionally, our Argan Oil Hair and Body Wash contains hair sunscreens to protect your strands and colour from the heat – so go ahead, enjoy the sunshine!

Interested in our Argan Oil and Hair Body Wash? $5 from each sale goes towards KidsAbility so you can wrap yourself in velvety moisture and support children with special needs.

Element Hair Perfect Hair for the Long Weekend


Sometimes after hours of enjoying the outdoors and playing in the lake water our hair can feel a little dull and limp. Luckily, our Conditioning Mousse gives the perfect amount of shine and flexible hold to keep your hair looking stylish – no matter how you spend your free time!

Apply the conditioning mousse to damp hair, scrunch and air or blow dry for soft definition and flexible hold.

Revitalizing hair care cleansing conditioner by Element Hair in Waterloo


Don’t let your fun weekend away dry out your delicate strands – use our Peppermint Hempseed Cleansing Conditioner to gently wash away the damaging effects of your time enjoying the sun, water and outdoors. Without harsh detergents, sulfates, gluten or parabens this sulfate-free formula uses 100% renewable sources of vegetable derived, certified organic preservative. Filled with grapeseed and argan oil, hair is bathed in moisture.

Our Peppermint and Hempseed Cleansing Conditioner is gentle enough for daily use to offer your hair the shine, bounce and manageability you crave.

Texturizing gel secret for vacation and holiday hair styles


Looking for a lightweight product to smooth frizz and add shine and control? Our Texture Gel is infused with aloe vera, rosewood oil, and orange oil to create a soothing, delicately scented formula perfect for any hair care routine. With protection from styling tools and detangling properties, our texture gel can help you create any look from effortless waves to updos so you can get creative with your look over the long weekend.

Simply rub between hands and apply throughout hair and style as desired.

Looking for more? Try a combination of these products to create these simple yet stylish looks for your weekend away.



A ponytail is a cottage weekend classic, but why not get creative by adding some braids? Apply texture gel throughout damp hair and conditioning mousse at the roots for extra grip and control. Starting at one side of your hair, create a three-strand braid and french braid across to the other side of your head. Once complete, tie your hair (including the piece you just braided) back into a ponytail and there you have it – a simple and unexpected addition to an otherwise basic hairstyle!


The most effortless look of all is the messy bun but there is a way to do it right. Air dry hair with sea salt spray and pull all your hair into a high ponytail. Twist your hair until it coils into a bun and secure with bobby pins. Finish by gently pinching pieces of hair out of the bun and voila – the perfect messy bun!

Messy bun hair style



A ponytail isn’t the only way to keep your hair out of your face while at the cottage. Apply sea salt spray and conditioning mousse to hair for extra control. Begin to french braid your hair but as you add more hair leave the bottom piece hanging down. Your hair will be securely out of your face but still look incredibly gorgeous! Apply texture gel to ends of hair for a frizz control and shine.


This hairstyle is simple and straightforward but still whimsical and gorgeous enough for a night of star watching. First, apply sea salt mist for texture and conditioning mousse for control. Next, take pieces of hair from your temple and twist them towards the back of your head. Use a bobby pin or an elastic to secure the spot where the two pieces meet and you are ready for star watching and campfires with friends!

Long weekend hair

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