Hyper-pigmentation or Dull Skin? This will help!


Dermalogica has re-introduced their line for skin brightening called PowerBright Trx. Formerly known as ChromoWhite, the line has been streamlined into three products to make for an easy home care regimen. With PowerBright, skin therapists can customize any facial to help clients with hyper-pigmentation and dull skin. PowerBright TRx treats pigmentation and inhibits the melanin pathway. It does this by interfering with the signal to the melanocyte, the manufacturing of melanin and the transfer of melanosomes. Essentially, it stops the signal to the cell telling it to produce the melanin, stops the production of the melanin and stops it from being delivered to the skin! Impressive!

Hyper-pigmentation has various causes, the main cause of which is sun exposure. The melanin, or tan, that appears is our bodies defense system against the sun. As we age, this creates a dark, dull skin with lines and wrinkles. Other factors are stress and hormones, medications, skin diseases like psoriasis and excema, aging, genetics, inflammation and environmental or external factors.

Hyper-pigmentation can show in different forms.

Lentigines, or more commonly referred to as age spots or liver spots, are flat patches of darkened skin that form mostly on the back of hands, the face and forearms.

Melasma, also known as the ‘pregnancy mask’, effects 75% of women during their child bearing years. It appears mainly in the centre of the face, around the cheeks, upper lip, chin and forehead. It also occurs in women undergoing hormone replacement treatments or those using hormonal contraception.

Finally, we have post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH). This is caused by injury to the skin. When the skin has trauma, the same response system responsible for our immune system is activated. This in turn, activates an abnormal distribution of melanin, leaving us with post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (dark spots). Generally, PIH resides mostly in the epidermis and is easier to deal with than the PIH that results from more extreme trauma that leads to deep scar tissue in the dermis. Skin traumas can come from acne, chemical peels, sensitivities and picking at acne, scabs etc. These are all treatable when found in the epidermis and although you may not erase them completely, a definite reduction will happen if PowerBrightTrx is used consistently and as recommended.

You must take into consideration your cell turnover rate whenever using any skin care regimen. As we age, our cell turnover rate decreases, meaning it takes longer for our skin cells to journey through the epidermis and slough off to create new, healthier cells. Someone over the age of 60 will need to wait a full cycle, about 6-8 weeks, to see results from any skin care line. This is why home care is especially important with this treatment. As with any Dermalogica product, they are designed to work with other products, so there’s no need to switch cleansers or exfoliants. Just mix the Power Bright Trx line into your daily regimen and watch the results!


PowerBright Trx

C-12 Pure Bright Serum: This serum controls how we make melanin. A combination of Oligopeptides, red and brown algae complex, zinc glycinate and phytic acid combats pigmentation and reveals brighter skin. One to two pumps after your toner works great then follow with a PowerBright moisturizer.

Pure Light SPF50: This medium weight, broad spectrum SPF moisturizer protects skin and also helps prevent future damage. Also with Oligopeptides and red and brown algae and zinc glycinate, this advanced moisturizer also contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid, licorice, lactobacillus/pumpkin fruit ferment filtrate for exfoliation and Dermalogicas incredible Oleosome technology. This moisturizer controls hyperpigmentation, hydrates and brightens while helping protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

Pure Night: Night time is a great time to treat your skin. Your skin is active while you sleep, rejuvenating and working hard to produce fresh, new skin cells. Treat with the C-12 Pure Bright Serum and follow with Pure Night. This overnight treatment cream is packed with exfoliating ingredients to control hyper-pigmentation, stimulate collagen synthesis and for optimal hydration. Pure Night will restore skin luminosity and fight signs of aging all while helping to eliminate dark spots.

PowerBright Trx can be added to any of our existing Microzone facials. So whatever your skin type; oily, dry, combination or sensitive, we can treat your hyper-pigmentation issues in tandem. Come into Element Hair and ask our estheticians any of your questions about hyper-pigmentation or any other skin care concern. We’d love to help you! Also, don’t forget to check out our Holiday Indulgence packages to see great deals on our Microzone facials. Whether for you or as a gift, beautiful skin leaves a smile on every face!

РCharlotte, Element Hair Esthetician

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